I am sitting in a WiFi shop writing for no one to read and wondering why I am still in this province. It blows here. I am told by my grown children that I have paid my dues and now have the right to go and live where ever I want. But I’m too old to just pick up and leave. So I’m making the plan. In two years I’m going on a permanent road trip. Maybe, if I don’t find something more fun before then. I love you all.




Times are changing. I am past 50 now and am going back to school to try and have a job where I won’t get laid off in a few months. I am changing. I am no longer accepting of, or patient with things I disagree with.

I have noted a lot of Newspeak taking its place on social media and have to speak out against it. The words and distractions are very Orwellian. More to come.


It’s been a while and I haven’t much to say. Posting can be a chore. I haven’t had a real emotional breakdown in nearly a month. I chalk that up to redefining what God is and how he is presented.

The bible has become a rule book to get into heaven and Christianity has become a bunch of self righteous judges who should be shunned themselves.

Recently I saw a single mom of two special needs kids kicked out of her baptist church for not wanting to get married to her boyfriend. The pastor said he had to protect the sanctity of “his ” church. I note he didn’t say Jesus’ church.Jesus has little to do with churches today.

We need to get back to what Jesus actually said instead of a bunch of self righteous know  it alls interpreting scripture with no education to back it.

Love God with all your heart. Love your as yourself. Do unto others and all that. He never said to excommunicate or remove anyone from the church (Which is the body of Christ.)

Anyone Else Tired of Depression

I haven’t posted on here in a long time. It seems that when the depression gets to it’s worst I need to let it out.

For the record I refuse depression meds primarily because they get me wasted and I spend all day on the couch. I already have a problem getting off the couch and I don’t even have cable.

I am having a lot of trouble finding work but that’s nothing new to anyone. Jobs are hard to come by and according to some latest survey, robotics will replace 5 million jobs in the next few years. But I digress.

The fact is I have to vent some times. It helps get through when the darkness comes around. I am tired of it. I have had this stupid condition for I don’t know how long and still don’t get it.

Well here’s to another day

God Bless


It stands to reason

title was just the words in my head as I wrote it. The holidays have passed and now I’m moving towards getting back on my feet. The depression is going slowly. I could use a few beers but it’s Sunday. Which means I don’t get paid til midnight.

This has been an enlightening period of time in my life. I have gone from total stress to somewhat more relaxed and accepting of my circumstances. I may never be a rich guy but I do have plans and things I want to see. Places I’d like to go. Why give it all up for a situation that doesn’t make me happy.

Now that I’ve been sketchy I can open up. I can’t complain at the moment. It would be of no use. Sometimes like today, rainy winter days, i get bored. This often causes me to think. Thinking can be bad. So I read, write, and watch bad movies like Snakes on a Plane. This is just a bored rant.

Good night all.

No Coffee

I haven’t posted here in a while. I am coming out of this crap ass depression and the world doesn’t look so bad. I was too into my own black bubble to look around me. Therapy helped pills did not. I had to change a few things like eating habits and making my surroundings a little brighter. I had to give up coffee too. Damn it I know, but the coffee only amplifies the anxiety.

As time goes on I hope to be back on top of my game. Cutting down on the wine and no smoking weed helped a lot too.

I even made it through Christmas in a good mood. Mind you I spent a lot of time on the spiritual side of Christmas and not the buying bullshit…

God Bless you all who read this.