Good morning on the second to last day of this year. I haven’t posted much but hey I have nothing to do today. I am doing well in school and handling my depressions quite well.

I am looking at the media lately and thinking that there is too much distraction going on.

So to the government I say, stop f*****g us over we just want to live our peaceful lives.

To men I say, women are our equals and now are demanding to be treated that way. Religion’s abuse of them has come to an end. So has the attitude that we own them.

To religon, specifically christianity, I say hey, start teaching what Jesus actually said and not a bunch of cherry picked crap that you spent hours digging out of the epistles and old testament. And christians need to get it together and start teaching by example.

I could go on. But the message always comes in parts.

In the 1960′s a cultural revolution was attempted. Now it’s time to make it happen.

God Bless