I love this woman.



So I started an AutoCad class two weeks ago. I want to be in a higher income bracket. I used to love cooking but my passion for that died out. Too much bs in the restaurant business. Which is sort of ironic as recently restaurants are closing in this province because of lack of staff . I could only say “Hey pay your employees better and stop treating them like property.”

This course is very difficult and challenging. I need that. I had to give up my living alone status and now I have freakin room mates, One of whom is an alcoholic and a growing pain in the ass. He says he’s leaving to go live with his girlfriend in a week or so. I miss living alone already. If I win the lotto I’ll get my own place hahaha. I don’t buy tickets so that would be a real miracle.

I have to discipline myself to keep at it. My day doesn’t end at the end of class. It continues because I have to learn a lot of this program on my own time.

Aside from the bitching I’m coming into a time of life where I can soar. This was the whole idea. I fear i may have to leave someone behind but at this point the changes may be too much for her. It’s not sad it’s just the way of life.

Much love to all who may venture across this post.

God bless.