This is just an observational rant about the people and places I’ve seen. Mostly people stuck in a fear of God that isn’t what Jesus didn’t really say. Mankind took his message and rule booked it.

Two women get into a car and drive away. They are comfortable with who they are. They love eachother and have no qualms about it. But the society they live in still has a problem. Women aren’t supposed to love women. Men aren’t supposed to love men. And the animosity used to defend this standard is astounding. Gay healing camps exist where the homosexual is ripped from the homosexual. Lesbians are “cured “. Only to eventually be reverted back. What is the answer to that question. I have no idea but the answers from the Christian Right seem to border on stoning them. I don’t get it. I read that Jesus said love one another as I have loved you. Not persecute one another until
Everyone is the same as you. Please explain. And don’t start with your cherry picked phrases that you conveniently pull out of scripture that prove your point even though you read them out of context. So someone please explain.


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