It’s been a while and I haven’t much to say. Posting can be a chore. I haven’t had a real emotional breakdown in nearly a month. I chalk that up to redefining what God is and how he is presented.

The bible has become a rule book to get into heaven and Christianity has become a bunch of self righteous judges who should be shunned themselves.

Recently I saw a single mom of two special needs kids kicked out of her baptist church for not wanting to get married to her boyfriend. The pastor said he had to protect the sanctity of “his ” church. I note he didn’t say Jesus’ church.Jesus has little to do with churches today.

We need to get back to what Jesus actually said instead of a bunch of self righteous know  it alls interpreting scripture with no education to back it.

Love God with all your heart. Love your as yourself. Do unto others and all that. He never said to excommunicate or remove anyone from the church (Which is the body of Christ.)


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