And Then

I think I’m a different kind of crazy. My divorce was finalized a few months ago. It was an emotional roller coaster but that is to be expected. Now I’m at the crossroads. Do I continue in this boring mundane existence or work my ass off for a year or so and take a road trip. I like he road trip idea. I need to get away and not be responsible for a while. I need too taste the open road and just go where and when I please. I want to see Vancouver again. I want to see if it really never does rain in Southern California. I want to meet one of those gator hunters in Louisiana. My “I don’t want to call it a bucket list, bucket list” is growing and with not that many years left on this planet I want to see stuff while it’s still there. 

So that’s my plan. Get out and do the stuff I had planned to do with my ex and enjoy them while she pursues the mundane party and work life that has so destroyed my ambition. There must be more to look forward to than just a Friday night beer. BORING.

So the plan begins. I will get moving on it. The key is to overcome difficulties and and not worry about how much leisure time I have. I am restless and after all the crap that’s gone through my head the past couple of years I believe I owe myself a change.

God Bless