Some Things Don’t Always Work.

As usual I don’t know if the title fits the post but here goes. 

I post a lot, some uplifting and some downer stuff. It all get’s processed through my head, read by people and they decide for themselves. I try to be positiive and in some posts it sounds like I’ve actually got it somewhat together. But that of course is a phallacy. There are good days and bad days. There are suicidal days and some days are very uplifting. I think if I posted more often anyone reading this would probably label me as crazier than I actually am.

So I have to ask myself why blog and why this blog. I suppose it comes down to an exchange of ideas on how to survive some of the storms of life and actually get a good measure of enjoyment out of it. Many of the posts I read seem to come from people like me who are over the edge or at least well on there way.

I have repeatedly found my life at a total standstill and every effort to get it jumpstarted seem to backfire. I’m not feeling sorry for myself i’m just trying to figure out what i’m doing wrong or what alternative path to take into order to get some motion going in my life.

That’s where all the edifying uplifting resolutions fail. Right at the point where there is no forward motion and no sense of direction to make it happen.

Ans that’s where this idea ends. I don’t have any more 3 step solutions or anything like that.  I keep thinking that the answer is just around the corner but i can’t be sure.

Have a Happy V-day everyone. I’m sure there are thos eof you who have a special someone to celebrate with and as for the rest of us well hey, I’ll just go to work and go to sleep after.




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