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I didn’t have anything really on my mind today except how to jump start things. I am going through a financial crisis and need to supplement my income. Most people around me tell me not to worry about finances but they all have good jobs with good income and haven’t worried about finances in years. my journey took me on a slightly different path. So here I am stressing about the one thing I really shouldn’t stress about.

This gives me alot of comfort actually because after reading over past blog post and journals i have realized that I have come a longer way than i thought. I haven’t been feeling the lonely thing for a while. And well it is starting to feel a little better living alone. But i do need to get out and see friends more. I miss hanging out with friends. Most of them are a little weird but that’s a good thing.

I really need to make a list of things to do and do them. More time with my kids and grand kids. more time with friends and family. make the drive to Toronto and see my brothers and sisters, and my parents. It’s the get off your ass time of life where I can do I just need to work my ass off to get the foundation laid.

This is where it all comes down to right now is overcoming financial burdens. I have seen people go over the edge with financial burdens. i have seen marriages end over them and have seen people take illegal means to overcome them. Not me. I will resolve to do what it takes to set aside the time to do it. Moving forward is essential.

Have a great day



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