Making Life Matter

Really Now,

Hear I am in the process of changing my life and wondering why it all goes so slow. I remember a friend had me listen to an AA tape she had been given. It was a woman’s experience through her drinking days and recovery. After going back again and again to the same abusive drug addicted boyfriend, she finally concluded that she was terrified of change. As she put it, “Although it was miserable, it was familiar.” Familiarity is the addiction of so many of us who want to change our perspectives and our lives. If I was standing outside of myself and looking at me objectively, would I even like what or who I saw? No. i would see a stranded man afraid to get off the post and move forward. What would the cost be? What would i actually have to lose that I haven’t lost already? Money, stuff, public opinion,and whatever else? Is any of that of any real importance when i want an adventurous life?

I think the answer scares me more than anything. No, none of it matters worth a tinkers damn when at the end of my days I can’t look at myself and say that I invested my dreams and talents and came back with tenfold on the investment. If life is compared to a transaction, do I really want to walk away with spare change? No I think not. I didn’t make the new years Resolutions because I had no resolve. I was to stuck in the mud of a past life riddled with jump starts and “almost made its.”

People say some of the things I’d like to do are ridiculous. Hey, only those who attempt the ridiculous can achieve the impossible.Image

It takes courage to abandon the familiar and walk through the door that God has opened for us. Why, because no part of our comfort zone exists there. No peer approval exists there. Just the feeling that say’s I MADE MY LIFE HAPPEN.

Good Night and Thank You


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