Just Stop

When it gets crazy, and it does. I need to just stop. When my life seems at an uncontrolled standstill, I need to just stop. 

There is too much advice out there and sometimes it feels like there are a thousand voices in my head and a thousand people wanting something from me. I need to tell them to just stop. Not that I hear voices but you know what I mean. There is too much to think about and when I’m running out of ideas as to what to do about it…I need to just stop.

Not stop and focus, not stop and decide, just stop.

Stop and empty my head of all the crap I’ve accumulated and just be quiet.

There is far too many people giving advice and none of them actually walk in my shoes. Oh some of them walk in similar shoes, one might think they are the same but they are not. My shoes are custom made and no one can actually walk in them.

Recently i was reading old posts and some might think that I am a total crazy person, I feel that way some times. I feel up and down like a whores pettycoats. But I am not crazy I am just trying to face circumstances in life that I was never prepared for. These are times when I look back on a lot of the ideals I had as a young man and wonder what the hell happened. I try to get my life back on track and wind up hitting a wall.

Then I just have to stop. I have to create silence for the moment and not think. I have to eliminate all things that are messing with my head. That includes people too. I was married to a woman I thought I knew and she became a total stranger as well as a source of stress. So she had to go. And i had to just stop.

So here I am just stopped. No worries in this moment. No thoughts or voices in this moment. I just slow down and stop.

Then I go for a walk.

Good Night and Thank You


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