5 Beautiful Things.

I need to see them today. 5 beautiful things. I will walk until I see them. They will change my outlook just for today. No reposts and probably no pictures. Just the 5.

And why this?

I see cracks in the sidewalks, flowers, people, old cars and the folks that drive them. I work with people who are always in a rush. Restaurants will do that. Always rush always on time.

I am tied of rushing, Tired of my brain going 30 clicks past the speed limiy. I will leave early for work and I will take my time. I want to see something different every day for the next 5 days. A kind of zen positive thinking execise.

Speaking of which i would really like to join a fitness club or gym. Not because I’m a jock or anything like that, but I need to supplement my walks with something more. Coming out of a suicidal depression leads me to want to stretch my legs and get moving. I need to be mobile. I can’t see all those beautiful things if I don’t get mobile now can I?

I feel the need to move on. From this town, from this job, from this life. I need to discover life everywhere. I feel like I can’t sit still somedays. Movement…I think that’s what we all need.

Good Night and Thank You


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