Silence, A Too Often used Title?

Yes it probably is too often used yet it explains a myriad of emotione. I sat on my couch and had one of those rare moments when my mind was completely cleared and felt a true inner peace. it was brief and peaceful. The world and our brains have a habit of working they’re way back in. And then all the noise begins. But the brief moment is always worth it.

These moments are taught in meditation. But I prefer the ones where i’m not repeating a mantra over and over. Silence is comfort. Silence is not demanding. Silence takes away the world for a time and places us where we love to be.

We need it when the hubub and noise and demands of this world overwhelm us. When there are a thousand voices screaming and wanting something of us. it always seems someone is wanting something or telling us what we should be doing. And too often we submit to this crap.

I knew a girl once who tried to take her own life. She said she was desperate. All she wanted was a few moments peace and everyone around her was on her back about something. So she cut her wrists and tied to bleed to death. She was found before she died and told her story. Still very few people understood and thought she had lost her marbles. she had lost her marbles. And it was those who didn’t understand that caused it.

She lives a peaceful happy life today far away from all those who pressured her and demanded of her. She just wanted to go to a quiet place where she could rest.

Isn’t that true of many of us.

so light a candle, turn off the lights and be at peace. Go to that place where the world isn’t always on your back.

Good night and Thank you


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