Love? What The


I met a woman recently and she was rather taken with me. But although i liked her i realized that it would wind up going nowhere. I haven’t been separated all that long and love is still a four letter word to me. When you tell someone that you really aren’t ready for a relationship i swear they go deaf.

I tried the internet dating thing and well…. doesn’t work. Everyone seems to be looking for Mr. Right and I’m not sure who he is. i would like to meet this Mr. Right because I’m sure he could give me a few pointers. He seems very mysterious because non of the women on these dating sites ever seem to find him. They always wind up with Mr Okay or Mr. No Way.

I am not out to fall in love at all. my life is only just coming together and needs alot more rebuilding. I enjoy the company of a charming intelligent woman as much as the next man. but I can’t stand having relationships being shoved down my throat. Most times i find that people have confused affection, romance and horniness with love. 

Sex definately complicates things. it puts people into relationship mode without giving them a chance to actually get to know eachother first. my last attempt at a relationship moved too fast and the woman turned completely psycho on me.

I think this is why i enjoy discreet dating and stimulating conversation. long walks in the park or by the waterfront. These moments bring out the more honest side of us and keep the Love factor at bay.

I have been in and seen many in love with people they wouldn’t normally even hang out with if they hadn’t slept together first.

No. I don’t want to fall in love, I want to fall in like. And when I see that I like someone then perhaps we’ll talk about sex and all the commitment that goes with it. Don’t be fooled by the pseudo swinger set on sit coms. Sex does form an emotional bond for many and causes pain when it doesn’t work out.

Have a great day all who read this.

Good Night and thank you


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