New Year

I wish you all a happy new year. For me it is the year of change. Change from struggle with life and self to loving both. For too long my personality has been defined by too many outside factors. Too many voices in the wind. All talking at the same time and accomplishing nothing. Making no sense.

Have you ever gone through periods when you feel like someone is always looking over your shoulder and you act as if to gain their approval? Yes that is what I feel like. My boss, my landlord, my ex-wife, my friends…all of them. And how has this enriched my life? It hasn’t. I have learned to be nothing but paranoid. I walk through the days and look for someone to approve of me.

Now that must change. i will not live for or be defined by others. I am tired.of this attitude. It is instilled in us in elementary school where we are taught to kiss ass as often as possible. Then we carry it into our professional lives and our human relationships. It’s no wonder people like having dogs. hey are easy to please and just want attention and food. No one is out to impress their dog.

So once again happy new year everyone.




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