Enough Crap

Enough Crap.


Enough Crap

God is with me and has everything under control. Life is now an adventure. I begin with today and everyday is a new beginning. So….Someone please send me a new laptop and thus the adventure begins.


A New Today From an Old Poem.

This poem was written about me 7 years ago. Today it changed my life. It was actually penned in 2005.

A Man I once knew
By omgiamtweety on 06/06/2007

There is this man that I once knew
Who had it all.
This man of integrity, pride and boldness
This man of Riches beyond compare
This man of all happiness, that drowned out despair.This man that I once knew
Could turn your world around with just one look.
This man that I once knew, had a very healthy lifestyle Until The Fall.When he was broken he was broken bad.
And hit the bottom that no words can exclaim
He came from , pride, integrity and boldness,
To down right pain and shame.

He Fell to his knees pleading with God WHY?
And with head in hands he began to cry.
As he knelt there with head in hands,
Something began to happen to this very broken man.

He heard a voice inside him proclaim.
All things I have given you, and I shall again.
My child you were brought to this place for a reason
I brought you to your knees so that you will see
That it is I your Lord you should take pleasure in.

I loved you so much I died for you
I took each nail, each hit, and every bruise.
When that day, on the cross I lay, I knew just what I was doing
And if I had to do it all over again for just you, I would.

My child you are not alone in your brokenness upon your knees
I am here with you now and forever will be.
It is time to start a new life with me your Lord
Time to begin a new journey with the strength a now provide.
Time now, to me, to lay down your life.

So the man I once knew, existed no more,
He lifted his head from his hands, giving Glory to the LORD!

© By omgiamtweety

Thank you Sandra.