Insane and Expressive

I believe blogs like these have given us license to express our deepest insanity and to finally let the truth be spoken. Why do you think that governments are so anxious to get there hands on peoples private internet stuff? Because of pedophiles? Not likely. All the dirt on any one person is on the net. Every post or porn view, every angry thought expressed and every time you’ve read a story or article that exposes government banks, oil companies, pharmecutical companies or any other big business for what they are really up to. It’s all on the net. Porn? The government loves porn. It keeps the population distracted. Don’t believe me? Just read Orwell’s 1984, while you still can. It was banned from Quebec’s high school reading list. How many other states and provinces have followed suit.

 It’s all about how they control you and me. Want to know? Just read between the lines of any business news section. Like for instance. look at the holdings of the Ontario Teachers Pension Fund and realize the resources controlled by education and educators. I am not a radical insane person…just really noticing what’s going on. Look for yourselves. 

Wake up.



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